Privacy Policy

In short, we are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information.

What we can do: we may log info about your access and use of the site for the purpose of getting to know you. We may pass on your info if required by law.

What we won’t do: We won’t!!!!! pass on your details to third parties who don’t share our views on the importance of your privacy.

Your Rights: If you aren’t comfortable sharing your details feel free not to, but it may affect how you use the site.

Techy Stuff: we may use cookies to improve our service to you, this is to make sure you are seeing the things which we think are interesting to you, and to make our site more personal. We may also use beacons to let us know what our Community want to see.

If you feel like your privacy is being breached feel free to contact us, we want to keep our Community happy!

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